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Christian Services
Oulun Rauhanyhdistys (Oulu RY) arranges services where the word of God is proclaimed in accordance with the Holy Bible and the Evangelical Lutheran faith, confession, and doctrine. Services are arranged at the Oulu RY building and in churches, nursing homes, and private homes.

Sermons preached at services held at the Oulu RY building on Saturdays and Sundays are translated into English. English services, which include singing in English, are held on one Saturday evening a month during the winter season. Information about these events can found in the Päivämies weekly publication and the Oulu RY service calendar. Welcome to the Oulu RY events!

It is possible to listen to sermons at Oulu Rauhanyhdistys on Saturdays and Sundays translated into English. English translation >>

Oulun Rauhanyhdistys ry.
The mission of the association is to awaken and revive Christian life of faith. Services form the core of the association's activity. At these services pastors and lay preachers explain the Bible in their sermons. Hymns and songs of Zion are sung between sermons.

The association organizes a wide range of child and youth work, including day circles, Sunday schools, Bible classes, and youth evenings. Events are arranged for elderly people, disabled persons, and deaf persons. The association also arranges celebrations, congregation evenings, and theme evenings in its own facilities and parish facilities.

Oulun Rauhanyhdistys ry. is a member of Suomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys (SRK), which is the central organization of local RY associations operating in Finland. Members of the Oulu RY association belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and their background community is the Conservative Laestadian revivalist movement.